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Restaurant with
show in Madrid

Restaurant with
show in Madrid

Panthera is more than a restaurant; it's a haven of nocturnal passions

Our international cuisine restaurant transforms into a vibrant nightclub.


The seductive allure of our DJs with music and live shows sets the stage for an evening of enchantment, a moment where inhibitions fade, and the pulse of the night takes control.

Where Music Meets Flavor

Like the roar of a panther, our music resonates in your soul.

Our DJs play melodies spanning different genres: from reggaeton, Latin rhythms, electronic and international music, weaving a rhythmic tapestry that creates the perfect backdrop for your dining experience.

Every beat is a heartbeat, every note is a sigh of pleasure, creating an atmosphere where food, music, and passion intertwine.

Visit us at Calle Miguel Ángel 21 and let your senses be seduced by the ultimate experience of food and dance.

Reservations can be made by calling +34 689 87 91 14, or explore our realm more deeply on our Instagram @pantheramadrid


A Fusion of Rhythms.

Located in the vibrant Calle Miguel Ángel 21 area in Madrid, Panthera is not just a restaurant; it’s a sonic adventure that unites the rich cultures of Europe and America.


Inspired by both the elegance of the Old World of Europe and the dynamic energy of America, we’ve created a musical experience that resonates with your soul.

Madrid: Where Cultures Unite

Madrid, a capital of unparalleled allure, thrives on its fusion of European sophistication and American vitality. At Panthera, we pay homage to this unique blend.


From the seductive rhythms of reggaeton to the hypnotic melodies of electronic tunes, we traverse the entire musical spectrum to create a wholly enchanting, immersive, and internationally flavored ambiance.