Logo blanco Restaurante Panthera Madrid


Grace Jones:
The Supreme Icon

In the midst of this vibrant place, the image of Grace Jones watches over us, a symbol of audacity and empowerment.


Her essence permeates the air, a reminder that we are free to express ourselves, to dance, and to revel in our individuality.

1. Above all else, love Grace Jones.
2. Do not mention Panthera in vain.
3. Sanctify our parties and jungle days.
4. Honor all food and all drink.
5. Kill the night.
6. Commit all impure acts. You are an animal.
7. Steal a kiss. Steal a dance. Steal time.
8. We are transgressors. Display your power with pride.
9. Big cats do not meow. They roar.
10. Never harm your fellow predator friends.

Protocol and Behavior

At Panthera, we invite you to unleash your inner wild power.


However, it is important that you understand the rules of this jungle so that we can all make the most of each moment of the night.

Dress Code

Entry with shorts, sleeveless shirts, sneakers, and the use of caps is prohibited. It is recommended to dress in smart casual attire for an optimal experience.

Reservation Confirmation

To secure your reservation, we kindly request that you provide your credit card details. This measure is solely to confirm your interest in attending. In the event of not being able to attend the reservation and not notifying us at least 6 hours in advance of the scheduled time, a symbolic charge will be made per guest on your card.

Consideration Time

We grant a courtesy period of 10 minutes before releasing your reserved table for the restaurant’s use. If there is any unforeseen delay in your arrival time, we appreciate your advance call to the telephone number +34 689 87 91 14 to take it into consideration.

Allergen Menu

At Panthera, we deeply care about your culinary experience and well-being. That’s why we have prepared an extensive allergen menu detailing every sensitive ingredient in our delicious cuisine. This tool is perfect for those who are vegetarian, vegan, have celiac disease, or have any type of food intolerance.

Do not hesitate to ask our attentive staff about this allergen menu. We are here to ensure that you enjoy your nights at Panthera to the fullest.